"but darkness was already hiding, waiting with a grin"
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i swear to god i will not rest until i know that beth greene is alive and happy.



Screencap Meme [*Super* Extended Edition]


Stick a Number & a Fandom (or let me do multi) in my Ask & I will make a 3-10 cap picspam from Screencaps That Get My Photoshop Senses Tingling*.
  1. Faceless (caps where the subjects face is not visible)

  2. Looking Down (caps where the subject is looking down)

  3. Bruised & Battered (gore & damage: caps where the subject is banged up)

  4. Up Close & Personal (screencaps where the subject is in close up)

  5. Scenerygasm (the subject of these caps is the dominant scenery)

  6. Full Body Shot(s) (caps where the subjects full body is in the shot)

  7. Colours Abound (caps with great colouring even before editing)

  8. Silhouettes (the subject in silhouette or profile)

  9. My Emotions (caps where the subject is displaying strong emotion)

  10. S p a c e (the focus of these caps is interesting use of space, negative & positive)

  11. Light! (caps with great base lighting, even before editing)

  12. Tickles My Pickle (whatever tickles my pickle. though this is also innuendo and you’ll probably get a picspam of sex/shirtlessness/ladies with curves)

  13. Chiaroscuro (a strong sense of contrast, light & dark)

  14. Gingers (please don’t be a dick, let me only do this multi or on a show with gingers)

  15. That Moment (when my feelings for a character began to shift for whatever reason)

"The whole world we know is gone. But keeping our humanity…  that’s a choice."

When it comes to watching a TV show like The Walking Dead, there are moments where they touch on the general issues and situations from our today’s society basis. Our morality, our loyalty, our mistakes - our humanity, that makes us who we are. Family and friendship are what’s keeping these people together, because without them, who are they really? We look into these characters’ backstories in their point of views and you watch what they see, know what they know. 

This just isn’t a show about fighting the dead, it’s about people who are fighting for their own damn lives, victims who make it out of traumatizing situations that shapes them into survivors. A show about trying to keep hope alive, about choices. And it is about how the situations you are placed in that can cause you to change your moral values. It is about survival, trust, trying to keep a lid on one’s sanity, depending on each other and working together. It’s about leaders and followers and power struggles. It’s about love, loyalty, jealousy, loss and hope against all odds. The blood and gore is just merely a partial piece to the show that makes the characters having to quickly act on their survival instincts and decisions they have to make and face.

The Walking Dead serves as a metaphor for reality, and that’s why we live in it. It’s a character driven drama that has more to do with the human experience than the undead. And my dear friends, is why I have come to love this show so dearly.

and did you know that you’re my heart, and it hurts to be apart.

Go find Tallahassee…Even if it’s without me.

…at least that’s what I heard it as. [x]


im sorry what happened in the last episode i blocked most of it out


things i love

  • hot dads
  • hot 35 year olds
  • powerful men
  • rich men
  • hot dads

They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out.
- Find out what?
They’re screwing with the wrong people.



Michonne nonchalantly killing walkers…